Unless your world is completely devoid of locks or it is comprised of highly advanced technology, you will still have to rely on the standard lock and key for security.

True, modern-day developments have given birth to locks that utilize keypads, swipcards, and combinations. Some security systems now even use fingerprint, retina, and/or voice scanning. Unfortunately, for the large majority of individuals, the use of the old-world key is a necessary evil and part of daily life. At this point in time, this ultimately means at some point in time you will require a duplicate key, whether it be because the original was lost or broken, a spare key is needed, or because the lock only came with two keys, which isn’t sufficient for the number of individuals who need a key.

While there are many stores that offer key copying services, locksmiths are the true heroes and experts. Locksmiths, such as Massapequa Locksmiths and our highly-trained professionals have the materials, equipment, experience, and skill to create duplicates or copies of almost any key. Locksmiths can handle specialty keys and cases, unlike any other store or company.

Locksmiths Have/Are Able to:
• Create copies for cars, automotives, residential locks, office furniture, safes, etc.
• The equipment to create duplicates onsite (at home, a business, or on the road)
• Duplicate transponder keys (for vehicles), which only the manufacturer can do otherwise
• Copy or hand create copies for even the oldest lock and key combinations.
• Make copies without the original (whether it was lost or even if one never existed
o By using the code associated with the key
o Looking up the VIN number of a vehicle
o Creating handmade molds and cutting the key by hand

Did You Know?
• The thickness, angles, grooves, and architecture of a key is like a code. If it is even slightly off, a key will not work.
• Different companies (brands) and car manufacturers intentionally create keys that are very different, in thickness and size, to remain unique.
• Some businesses will make digital copies of your keys and store them in their system. This is very unsafe because it can leave the blueprint in the wrong hands.
• Most businesses and/or stores do not uphold the “Do Not Duplicate” on keys.

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