The arrests of suspects in a string of Long Island nail salon robberies that occurred in late 2013 have made the case for small businesses, especially retail operations, to look at installing security measures that are designed for use during operating hours.

Massapequa Locksmiths recommends that small retail operations that may have large quantities of cash on hand or expensive products look into such security options.

A January 2nd post on the New York Daily News website detailed the arrest of a duo who had robbed a number of nail salons on Long Island at gunpoint during a 7 day per period in December 2013. The couple, a man and woman, chose nail salons possibly due to the belief that there was a lot of cash on hand. The man would enter the salon late in the afternoon when it was believed there was more money and rob the staff at gunpoint. The gunman, wearing a mask to hide his identity, would enter and announce it was a robbery. Altogether the pair was believed to have robbed 10 separate nail salons in the Nassau and Suffolk areas.

Small retail business such as beauty salons, electronics outlets, restaurants and jewelry stores tend to have high quantities of cash on hand as well as valuable merchandise. While most jewelry stores use such security measures as access controls, closed circuit TV monitoring and buzzer entry systems, the various other businesses as they could to inhibit walk-in business. However, as the nail salon robbery spree showed, the risks are evident and real. While many people associate armed robbery with banks, which news report show is still an issue in a society that is looking to technology to help stop such crimes, small businesses that do not employ armed guards like most banks can be more attractive targets for prospective robbers.

While a robbery is a very bad situation, the presence of innocent bystanders in the form of customers can make a bad situation much worse. Additionally, any crime perpetrated during business hours in the presence of customers has far reaching implications for the business. Even if the crime is averted and there is no loss of property or injury to anyone, the fact that the incident happened can have a negative impact on future business as word spreads of the event.

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