The invention of keyless entry locks and systems has undoubtedly solved many problems often associated with standard locks and keys. In fact, incredible advancements and technological developments, in the field, have actually resulted in a list of impressive advantages. Keyless entry locks and systems eliminate keys, increased security, made it moderately to extremely more difficult to break through, and can even log/store data, regarding the users. The concept, whether used for residential or commercial purposes, offers unfound amounts of ease and convenience, as well. However, the invention and concept is not full-proof, making it inevitable to come with some pitfalls.

• Cost – Because of the advanced nature of the locks and systems, keyless entry is much more costly than an ordinary lock. Although there is an extremely large range in price, depending upon the type of lock or system you choose. Be prepared for the locks to be twice as much, if not more, while the systems can range from thousands to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

• Installation – For the most part, keyless entry locks and systems must be installed by a locksmith or like professional. This can be more costly in labor, but it can also be inconvenient, as you are at the mercy of the professional.

• Repairs – These locks and systems are much more complex, which therefore requires a professional to perform any needed repairs. Similar to installations, this will incur additional costs and scheduling. Additionally, all parts are guaranteed to be more costly.

• Codes/Combinations – While codes and combinations eliminate the need for keys, and all associated problems, such as carrying them, remembering them, losing them, having them stole, etc., codes and combination locks are not foolproof. First, it is not uncommon for individuals to forget the codes. On the other hand, and most importantly, codes and combinations can be easily memorized from sight, as well as from the game of telephone. A code in the wrong hand will leave your property undefended.

• Electricity – With the exception of mechanical/coded locks, the majority of keyless entry systems run off of electricity. In the event of a electrical problem or blackout, the system will not work, leaving locks in either the locked position or unlocked. Either state is problematic and unsafe.

• Software – Software requires updates, maintenance, and is subject to system crashes, as well as bugs and defects. Though rare, such an event can be potentially catastrophic. The systems that use software and computers are swipe cards, fingerprint recognition, and biometric scanners.

• Personnel – For the higher-end systems, which require computers and software, a business or facility must also have the personnel to monitor the system. Such personnel may require a hefty salary.

Our goal, by providing this information, is not to deter you from keyless entry. In fact, Massapequa Locksmiths advocates the use of such locks and systems. There is not a concrete answer as to whether or not keyless entry is the best choice. The decision is one that is left up to the individual and based on many variables, including the general needs, requirements, and goals of the individual or company. Massapequa Locksmiths aims solely to educate and inform. For more information about keyless entry systems, contact one of our specialists at 516-225-5592.

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