It’s late at night and you’re in a jam — you’ve locked your keys in the car or lost your car or house key.

It’s certainly a terrifying experience. That’s why it’s reassuring to know you have a professional, reliable locksmith right in your neighborhood here on Long Island.

We the importance of a 24-hour locksmith service for residential, commercial and automotive needs. You can call us anytime at (516) 442-8808.

No one ever plans for an emergency and you know it always seems to happen at the most inopportune time. The availability of a trained technician 24/7 is crucial to the locksmith business. Many customers need the services of an expert locksmith at night or during a holiday and may have to wait hours for their problem to be solved. Waiting for such a long time can make the situation even worse and could potentially put your life in danger. No need to worry with us because we’re on call anytime, any hour.

Yes, accidents do happen. People break the keys in their door locks while entering their home. If such a situation occurs at night, you don’t want to be hanging on for hours waiting to get inside. No worries with us. We offer key extraction and replacement services around the clock.

During a drive at night, you may face a situation where you break your keys in the ignition of your car or snap a key in the car door. Maybe you’ve locked the keys in the car or lost them completely. One phone call to us and our professional technicians can get you out of trouble in the middle of the night. We provide reasonable, affordable quality service, whenever and wherever you need us.

We offer a variety of other services as well, like key cutting, replacement of lost keys, lock entry, replacement of broken locks, new ignition keys, emergency lock outs, emergency trunk opening and duplication of high quality vehicle key.

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