Why should I call a locksmith if I lock myself out of my home or vehicle?
All too often, individuals in this situation call the police. While this is absolute fine, especially for safety reasons, police officers don’t usually have the proper tools needed to pop a lock or jimmy it open – nor do they have the skill or knowledge of how many locks and systems work. As a result, some police officers can cause unnecessary, costly damage trying to unlock your door. Fortunately, more often times than not, they will tell you to call a locksmith anyway.

Why should I have a professional install the locks on my home or business?
Nowadays, locks are designed much simpler, which means installing them is far easier than ever before, as well. And although even first-timers can successfully install a lock, there are many things that can go wrong. The average American has a tendency to install locks upside-down or backwards, while others may misalign parts, make screws too tight or loose, or even forgetting to put pins in. Any one of these mistakes can affect the integrity of a lock and its effectiveness. What’s even more common is that individuals don’t know what kind of lock is appropriate or sufficient for wherever it is meant to be installed, thus not adding enough security. Don’t mess around when it comes to your safety and security. Locksmiths are experts and will choose the right kind of lock and install it correctly.

If I lost my keys (or never had an original), do I have to have the lock changed, completely?
In general, just because you lost your key or you never head one, doesn’t mean you have to replace the lock(s). Most locks have an associated code number, which locksmiths can use in order to cut a new key. However, if there is no code to lookup, the lock is jammed, or in the unfortunate event that you lost your keys, there is still a large possibility you do not have to replace the entire lock. Usually the round, cylinder part of the lock, where the key is inserted, can just be replaced, saving you money. *** If you lose your keys, we do recommend you have your locks rekeyed, just as a precautionary measure.***

Does it cost a lot of money to hire a locksmith?
The cost of your locksmith service depends on many factors. Naturally, every locksmith’s prices are different to begin with, but location, the time of service, nature of the service, amount of labor, and quality of products used, all factor in. Professional locksmiths will obviously cost more than a DIY, but a matter, such as security requires the job be done correctly! You can purchase the locks and other products/materials yourself, to save money, but keep in mind that there are a plethora of options in locks (type, brand, quality) to choose from. Locksmiths carry everything from cheap to high-end expensive.